Zlatko Sijakovic

Sales Manager - Austria

The Sports Museum is one of the world’s most renowned collections of digitized sports memorabilia and is connected through partnerships with renowned museums, institutes and numerous clubs such as the World Basketball Association FIBA or Juventus Turin, and many more. The cooperations with our partners have a great common goal: to tell unforgettable moments of heroes of sports history and to pay homage to them.

We are proud to bring to life artifacts and artwork from sports history, worn and used by the greatest athletes of all time, in the form of digital collectibles. Sports fans from around the world can now purchase, own, collect and trade them with other fans in the form of NFT’s on a digital trading platform. The Sports Museum enables sports-loving fans from all over the world not only to become co-owners of these digital treasures, but also to meet the real objects and sports legends at special owner events. These so-called Perks build a bridge from the digital to the real world and make the collections of The Sports Museum so special.

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